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Bradley Sutton

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Bradley Sutton

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Great tool for market research on Amazon. Helium 10 gives comprehensive data in order to evaluate products and enter the Amazon Marketplace. We get important data about the market, competition, prices, and sales, which gives us important insights for data-driven actions. 100% would recommend.

David M.

David M.

Portfolio Delivery Specialist

Helium 10 provides essential tools for any Amazon seller or brand entering Amazon marketplaces. It’s a must-use research tool for Amazon sellers. Constant updates, excellent webinars, perfect how-to videos for every tool in Helium’s toolbox, and user-friendly interface, clean and robust features.

Boris K.

Boris K.

Communications Expert & Executive…

There are lots of Amazon tools out there, but Helium 10 has truly innovative features that most others don’t offer. Even within each individual tool, I find clever options that make using the tool easier, provides more information and/or delivers simpler reporting than others.

Karen T.

Karen T.

Small Business Owner

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The Best Amazon & Walmart Product Research Software

Amazon product research is “step 1” for any profitable online business and the backbone of any Amazon selling software. As a new seller on Amazon, selecting your first product will determine the market you are entering (the severity of your competition) and how much profit you stand to make (the existing demand you will be vying for.) Fortunately, several pieces of FBA software are available to help eliminate the guesswork.

Helium 10’s Black Box is one of our flagship tools for a reason ‒ With a database of over 2 billion Amazon products and filtering capabilities for every important metric, Black Box has become the must-have first stop for anyone remotely interested in selling on Amazon (or expanding their existing product line.) As far as Amazon seller software tools for product research go, Black Box continues to be an e-commerce standard-bearer, bringing sellers the ability to:

  • Explore high-demand, low-competition product ideas in every category on Amazon
  • Save time by turning hours of manual product research into just a couple of clicks
  • Leverage accurate data to easily view estimated monthly sales, review ratings, number of competing sellers, and more

For those looking for an even easier (and FREE) Amazon product research tool, the Helium 10 Chrome Extension delivers the pinpoint accuracy of Helium 10’s Amazon data and ultra-sleek usability, all in a pocket-sized browser widget. Find a product browsing Amazon that interests you as a potential opportunity for yourself? Open up the Chrome Extension and instantly read relevant data to help you make your next move. Estimated sales, revenue, BSR, FBA fees, product dimensions, and number of active sellers… every data point at your fingertips.

The Best Amazon & Walmart Keyword Research Software

Amazon keyword research is the cement sellers use to pave the way to page one of Amazon search results. But how are you supposed to know exactly which phrases shoppers are typing into the Amazon search bar? Using Amazon seller software tools dedicated to keyword research gives sellers unprecedented access to the most searched-for phrases on Amazon, along with search volume for thousands of closely related keywords to help expand their ranking efforts. Remember, Amazon keyword research tools aren’t just for your own brand, they help you spy on your competitors’ top phrases and analyze potential gaps in their ranking strategy!

Helium 10’s keyword research software for Amazon sellers, Cerebro, is perhaps Helium 10’s most used tool and best example of how accurate market data can be the difference maker in a growing online business. Along with the usual helpful metrics (like estimated search volume), Cerebro includes exclusive data like Amazon Recommended keywords and the Cerebro IQ Score. The Cerebro IQ Score is a singular metric, directly representing search volume compared against the number of competing products (for any given keyword.)

Not only does Helium 10’s Cerebro function on Amazon AND in over 12 different countries, but it presents the following filtering capabilities in a visually user-friendly way:

  • The Include/Exclude Phrases filter – Allows for detailed phrase vetting on a word-to-word basis
  • The Advanced Rank Filter – Shows users all the keywords where at least one ASIN is ranked between any positions you specify on Amazon
  • Title Density filter – Shows users how many listings on page one have a certain keyword or keyword phrase in the title
  • Many more!

The Best Amazon & Walmart Listing Optimization Software

Finding the right product is one thing, making it stand out from a sea of other Amazon competitors is an entire art in itself. You could have the best Amazon product in the world, but if your listing is comprised of poor-quality images and hard-to-read copy, you are not going to get any sales!

The right online seller software will place a heavy emphasis on listing optimization through the use of several different features and functions. For example, Helium 10’s listing optimization software for Amazon sellers comes with multiple tools to help take a listing from mediocre to money-making.

Listing Builder by Helium 10 lets sellers create, optimize, and manage Amazon product listings seamlessly in one dashboard. Utilize keyword suggestions, track keyword usage, and receive a custom listing score to guide you toward the most conversion-friendly Amazon listing possible.

Interested in live shopper feedback? Using Helium 10’s split testing software for Amazon sellers, Audience, sellers can instantly set up a poll prompting real shoppers to share their opinions on product names, copy and logos, and your lead listing image. Leverage Helium 10’s database of over 10,000 US-based users to customize your poll participants using a variety of demographics for targeted sampling.

The Best Amazon & Walmart Operations Software

Your day-to-day business on Amazon or Walmart is often a swarm of activity, with every decision a potential risk or opportunity affecting your financial future. With the right online seller software for e-commerce operations, you can rest assured that your inventory and account security are taken care of without you needing to check in every hour.

Monitor your listings for fraud with Alerts, the Helium 10 tool that monitors your ASINs, detects counterfeit versions of your product, exposes listing hijackers, and sends you instant push notifications to your phone so you can take immediate action.

Prevent abusive coupon stacking with Helium 10’s Inventory Protector, the best software for Amazon sellers who want to protect their vulnerable new product launches.

Email marketing. It’s one of the best ways to boost positive product reviews and build your brand on Amazon or Walmart. With Helium 10’s Follow-Up, sellers can now customize and then automate email sequences that go out to customers based on specific triggers. Use these automated emails to build your customer list, improve your brand reputation, and ultimately boost sales.

The Best Amazon & Walmart Analytics Software

If you’re ready to get serious about scaling your Amazon or Walmart business, you’ll need Walmart or Amazon seller software tools to help organize sales metrics, track the competition, and discover the insights necessary to make growth-minded business decisions. Helium 10 specializes in data-driven software for Amazon sellers, making our market analytics tools some of the most impressive we have to offer.

Seller Central is great, but sometimes sellers need to go above and beyond what everyone else is looking at in order to get insights that are both easier to read and more in-depth. Profits, Helium 10’s sales tracking seller tool, gives entrepreneurs a unified dashboard to track gross profit, historical sales trends, profit margins, refunds, and more. This is big-picture data at its best, allowing sellers unheard-of access to their most crucial business metrics in a sleek, action-oriented workspace.

Conducting detailed market research is critical to understanding your competition and keeping the Buy Box securely under your brand’s name. With Market Tracker (for intermediate sellers) and Market Tracker 360 (for scaling sellers,) you now have the ability to track where your business stands in relation to the specific landscape of your product niche. What is driving your sales performance? What is your current market share compared to other competing sellers? Are there niches within your current market you can be taking advantage of to get the inside track on your competition? Market Tracker and Market Tracker 360 are Amazon seller software tools designed to deliver accurate data, competitive insights, and the widest possible view of your specific selling landscape.

The Best Amazon & Walmart Marketing Software

This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to creating an online business that stands the test of time: your ability, as a seller, to drive traffic to your product listing via advertising! FBA software tailored to a seamless advertising experience help not only those who are just starting with PPC and don’t know where to turn but also those who have a handle on exactly how they want their campaigns and just need a little help automating the process.

Helium 10’s white glove service and top advertising software for Amazon sellers is called Adtomic, and it’s the reason why many sellers are enjoying success today. Adtomic creates an intersection of big-picture data like TACoS and historical ad performance, then marries it with state-of-the-art automation technology. Adtomic aims to give sellers the flexibility they need (at any level) to optimize their PPC campaign performance, inspect AI-driven bid suggestions, and minimize wasted ad spend. The old days of manually managing Amazon PPC are over. Adtomic simplifies PPC management, saving hours of campaign management time and providing entrepreneurs with the best Amazon seller software for PPC available today.