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Amazon Competitive Intelligence

Seamless Insights for Strategic Success

Increase your profitability with data-driven breakdowns of your markets with Market Tracker 360.

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FBA Reimbursement Recovery

Streamlined FBA Reimbursements

Hassle-free and hands-off refund recovery with 100%+ success rate on recouping claim amounts. 

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AI-Powered PPC Solution

Save Time & Money on PPC Automation

Optimize your campaigns, track PPC performance, and maximize your ROI with ease.

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Get Started with Enterprise

Simplify your Success Journey with Enterprise by Helium 10

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Analyze and outperform your competition with Automated Competitor Tracking

Create, manage, & optimize PPC campaigns for maximum impact with Adtomic

Unlock the power of data to easily identify new growth opportunities

Recover refunds from Amazon with 100% claim tracking and guaranteed 3% return on annual revenue

Outperform competitors and achieve success with Helium 10’s Amazon Precision Platform 

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Custom Enterprise Solutions for Brands and Agencies

Elevate profitability and dominate market expansion with the only plan designed with brands & agencies in mind

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“Adtomic from Helium 10 has been an absolute game-changer for our Amazon brand management agency. I am always on the lookout for innovative tools to optimize our Amazon strategy and become more efficient for our clients. I can confidently say that Adtomic has exceeded all expectations!”

Scott Moller


“Market Tracker 360 has helped me do research. Before it would have taken me a couple of days, now in a few hours, I can look at it and say, ‘Here’s a good item.”

Cameron Grissom

IT Director

“The data is the most accurate…so I’ve built trust with using this tool. I can see all relevant market information at once, no combining data, no spreadsheets.”

Laura Hegeman

Data Analyst