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Most Amazon sales estimators are simplistic in nature. They work by taking your Best Sellers Rank (BSR), the country for your Amazon Marketplace, and the product category you’re operating in, which will then be used to calculate your estimated number of sales per month. Helium 10’s Xray provides a much more advanced look into sales by leveraging our database of keyword rankings, keyword search volumes (and trends over time), estimated conversion rates, and more.

Most Amazon sales estimators are very rudimentary in their functionality, and are therefore not entirely reliable. You must reference a tool like Helium 10’s Xray to gain a more accurate picture.

If you have the paid version of Helium 10, you can click on the “Xray — Amazon Product Research” tab in our Chrome Extension to view the number of estimated units sold based on our 2+ billion data points collected every single day. It’s the closest accurate estimate you’ll likely receive from any tool. If you’d like a free and more toned down estimate, you can reference the “Calculators” within the Helium 10 Chrome Extension widget (directly below the product’s image when the extension is active).

People need an Amazon sales estimator to gain a rough estimate of what the potential sales volume is for a given product. It’s a critical step for an Amazon seller to take in evaluating a product’s overall viability.

Helium 10’s free amazon sales estimator within our Chrome Extension is a quick and easy way to check what the projected number of units and net revenue for a given product is each month.

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The Details

What Is an Amazon Sales Estimator?

An Amazon sales estimator is a tool or software designed to simplify and estimate the sales performance of a particular product on Amazon’s online marketplace. For most products Amazon does not publish an estimated number of sales, so if someone is researching a product or niche, its important to use an Amazon sales estimator to have an idea of how many sales these products are doing on a monthly basis.

The main purpose of an Amazon sales estimator is to give sellers insights into the potential demand for a product before they decide to sell it on the platform. By using such estimators, sellers can make more informed decisions about product sourcing, pricing, and marketing strategies.

How Accurate Is an Amazon Sales Estimator?

Most Amazon Sales Estimators are very rudimentary in their functionality and are therefore not entirely reliable. If you see an estimator out there that asks you only to enter one Amazon sales rank in order to be able to give you an estimate, you can take the monthly sales number it gives you with a grain of salt as that is not enough information in order to estimate sales. At the minimum, you should start with a range of Amazon sales rank, or BSR information, to be able to get a more accurate estimate. The most accurate way to calculate sales for Amazon products is by looking at the numbers that Amazon publishes for some products, or by using free tools such as X-Ray in the Helium 10 Chrome Extension.

How Do You Estimate Sales & Revenue on Amazon?

Estimating sales and revenue on Amazon involves researching product categories, and analyzing Best Sellers Rank (BSR), historical sales data, and competitor performance. Utilize Amazon sales estimator tools and conduct keyword research to understand potential demand. Consider pricing, seasonality, trends, and advertising efforts while factoring in fees to estimate profit margins. Remember that sales estimation is not precise, so continuous monitoring and adaptation are essential for optimizing sales and revenue on Amazon. Keep in mind that estimations vary by the particular amazon marketplace that you are in. Sales rank for a product in the same category in Amazon Germany is very different that the same sales rank in the same category in Amazon Japan.

How Do I Find My Best Sellers Rank (BSR) Number?

To find the Best Seller Rank (BSR) for most products on Amazon

  1. Navigate to the product page from You can find the product by searching for its title or ASIN.
  2. Find the section that says “Product information”: Half way down the Amazon product page, you will see a large section entitled Product information that has a lot of different fields.
  3. Look for Best Seller Rank: Find the section in product information entitled Best Seller Rank, and there you will see your BSR for that product. Note that Amazon does not publish a BSR for 100% of products on that platform.
  4. A Faster Way: If you have the free Helium 10 Chrome Extension installed on your browser, any listing in the search results will display with a widget that will show you the BSR front and center there in the search page without having to navigate to the product page.

What Is Considered a Good BSR on Amazon?

A “good” Best Sellers Rank (BSR) on Amazon varies depending on the product category and competition. Generally, a lower BSR is better, indicating higher sales relative to others in the category. In highly competitive categories, a BSR of 1,000 or lower usually signifies strong sales, while in less competitive niches, a BSR of 10,000 or lower might be considered good. However, profitability, demand, and market conditions should also be considered. Compare your product’s BSR with similar products in the same category to gauge its performance accurately, and remember that BSR is dynamic and can change frequently based on sales fluctuations and competition. Amazon updates BSR throughout the day based on performance of the products in the category and sub category. Do not get hung up on just trying to find a product with a good amazon sales rank. Sometimes the products that have the best BSR, might be the most competitive products, and thus you would not have success trying to launch a similar product. Always take a wholistic look at your Amazon product research instead of laser focusing on one metric like BSR.

How Do I Increase My Amazon BSR?

You actually do NOT want to increase your Amazon BSR. The higher the BSR number, that means the lower your sales are. The lower your BSR, that means you are selling more than your competitors in your niche. To lower your Amazon BSR, it is best to optimize your product listing with compelling content and relevant keywords. Competitive pricing, positive reviews, and excellent customer service are essential for building credibility and attracting more buyers. Utilize Amazon advertising, run promotions, and ensure product availability and fast fulfillment. Remain diligent in improving conversion rates and consider driving external traffic to your listing. Stay aware of competitors’ strategies and adjust your approach accordingly. Remember that consistent effort and adaptation are key to maintaining and improving your BSR over time! Do not get complacent!

How to Find Number of Sales of a Product Selling on Amazon for Free?

You can access a free estimate of the number of sales a product is Selling on Amazon in the Helium 10 Chrome Extension.

If you have the paid version of Helium 10, you can click on the “Xray — Amazon Product Research” tab in our Chrome Extension to view the number of estimated units sold based on our 2+ billion data points collected every single day. It’s the closest accurate estimate you’ll likely receive from any tool. When you navigate to any product page, the estimated number of sales will also appear in a widget on the top of the listing without even having to navigate to X-Ray.