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Case Study: Brainlabs

Brainlabs is a data-driven digital marketing agency focused on growing brands through experimentation and expertise in paid search, paid social, SEO, CRO, and analytics.

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Visibility of market trends helped predict seasonality.

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The Challenge

Brainlabs required market intelligence data to create a marketing strategy for their new and existing clients.


Brainlabs uses data science and innovation to help businesses achieve their digital marketing objectives and grow their online presence


They need to understand market opportunity, competitor trends, category size information and growth trends to determine potential.


With this data and the client’s existing market strategy, Brainlabs determines overall brand health and the client’s roadmap for expansion.


Brainlabs wanted to put $50k in additional advertising spend against promotions in April 2023 to bring in more conversions.

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Their Strategy

With Market Tracker 360, Brainlabs discovered where and when to allocate advertising dollars based on historical market trends.


To determine the best opportunity to maximize ROI, the team needed to understand market insights and historical keywords.


The team utilized two years of historical data & the ability to create markets with unlimited ASINs to gain visibility into market trends.


Using keyword research the team found that sponsored keywords did not perform as well in April as other months.


They confirmed using Market Tracker 360 that April consistently saw a decreasing trend over the past two years.

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The Results

The data confirmed that advertising would not be as
impactful in the month of April.


The team decided to reallocate their advertising spend to May and June ahead of Prime Day when the demand was stronger.


By understanding market trends and seasonality, they were able to save $50k in advertising dollars in April.


They positioned their spend to better align with Prime Day, giving them a better chance for success.


By delaying their ad spend in April, the team was able to avoid negatively impacting their return on investment.

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    Laura Hegeman

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